The Scoop

Yvette McDowell

Yvette McDowell is a seasoned attorney with over 30 years of experience in serving municipal governments. She came to us because she had a desire to come out of retirement and step back into law with a new focus: Cannabis law viewed through the lens of social equity.

Yvette is an attorney and consultant in cannabis law focused on social equity and serving municipal governments.

The first time we met it was clear that she was a force to be reckoned with, and we wanted to be a part of the movement and change she would create in California. She came to us without a website or any brand development, so we really started from scratch on this project, and we’re so glad we did. The opportunity to craft a brand is something we just never get tired of.

The Work

Our goal was to display Yvette’s strengths in a human way

The goal in branding this new venture was to position Yvette as an influencer in cannabis law, and for her target audience to see the culmination of her skills and the top shelf expertise she has to offer.

Her personal and professional journey has taken her to this very place, and she has an arsenal of knowledge, research and know-how that is unique to her.

Our goal was to display Yvette’s strengths in a human way - with compassion, empathy and a love for justice and equity.

Brand Development + Copywriting

Yvette differs from other cannabis attorneys

Yvette differs from other cannabis attorneys in that her focus is not in criminal law, but in directly influencing cannabis regulation.

She made it very clear that social equity was to be the backbone of her brand values, and we made sure that the messaging on her website accurately represented her vision and values.

Her dedication to justice and equity is unmatched in her efforts to aid in developing fair regulation that benefits every aspect of the community from economic growth to compassionate treatment of those in need.

Her work as a consultant is to educate those in power and make sure that regulation is tolerant in it’s impact and is inclusive of the entire community through social equity. She believes that while regulation should be followed, it should also not be overly burdensome.

Values +

Brand Words




“Working with Odin Marketing House was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a vendor. From the first meeting I knew I had chosen the right company to do my branding. Working with Hannah was awesome. She truly cares about YOU and your needs. If you want to work with a company that has integrity in their work and themselves then this is the place to be.”

— Yvette McDowell
Attorney & Consultant in Cannabis Law

Website Design + SEO

We drew attention to Yvette’s message and values

In designing the website and logo aesthetics, we intentionally chose to steer away from the typical cannabis industry brand vibe.

Yvette’s target audience is California municipal governments and it was important to view the brand from their perspective. Our strategy in her color scheme and website aesthetics was to maintain a welcome and professional atmosphere that her target audience would feel comfortable with, while also genuinely representing Yvette and her stance.

With a clean, airy and open website layout we drew attention to Yvette’s message and values.

Email Marketing

She went on to win a seat as a board of director

When Yvette had the chance to run for a spot on the CCIA Board of Directors, she contacted us for help in marketing her campaign. The California Cannabis Industry Association is a reputable organization that anyone in the industry would be eager to be apart of.

We put together an email marketing campaign that communicated her story, expertise and strength. She went on to win a seat as a board of director.