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Our strategies are designed to optimize impact and ROI, ranging from identifying top-performing platforms for your paid media marketing to offering budgetary advice. With proficiency across Meta, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube, and other platforms, we aim to streamline your paid media endeavors and align your resources with your intended outcomes.

Paid Media Strategy

Execution + Optimization

Within our array of paid media advertising services, we incorporate testing, strategic planning, and execution to expand your reach, attract new leads, and nurture your sales funnel. From crafting engaging copy and captivating visuals to leveraging real-time data and reporting for enhancing key performance metrics, we consistently refine your campaigns to sustain growth.

Available platforms:


Google Ads

Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads
(includes Instagram + Messenger)

twitter ads

X (Twitter) Ads

Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn Ads


Pinterest Ads

Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads

Tiktok ads

TikTok Ads

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

reddit ads

Reddit Ads

bing ads

Bing Ads

amazon ads

Amazon Advertising

Programmatic Advertising Platforms (e.g., AdRoll, Criteo)


$1,000 PER MONTH
  • 1 platform
  • managing budget up to $5,000 per month


$3,000 PER MONTH
  • 2-3 platforms
  • managing budget up to $10,000 per month


$10,000 PER MONTH
  • Multiple platforms
  • managing budget $10,000+ per month
Social Media Ads, Yelp Ads, Google ads & Website design

Baseline Carpet Care

Social Media Ads, Yelp Ads, Google Ads + Website Design

Baseline Carpet Care is one of our greatest success stories and are honored to grow alongside this amazing company! The owner of Baseline is a driven man and had plenty of room to grow, which allowed us to get a little more aggressive with our tactics. We have had several months where we HAD to shut off the campaigns because they were doing too well and he was booked up over a month in advance.

As we move towards the future with this company we will focus on increasing his team size and customer retention.

Millennia MMA

Adwords, Display and Youtube

This is a special client of ours, for one we are students of Millennia MMA and train every week! But also because this was a fun opportunity to market something that were very informed and interested in. When we came on board they had already been running successful ads on Google but Because they had been running for over a year we had so much data to work from.

Over the last year we have been able to increase their conversions by 300% You read that right 300%!

Adwords, Display and Youtube
Social Media Advertising, Yelp & SEO

Performance Center for Men

Social Media Advertising, Yelp & SEO

Performance Center for men is a testosterone replacement therapy clinic in southern California and provides amazing health services. When we came on board they had tried nearly everything and with good reason. This industry is heavily regulated and on most platforms, they are not even allowed to advertise. We have been able to use SEO, Yelp ads, and Social media advertising to take them from operating in the black to succeeding in the green!

They now have fully booked doctor days and are planning on scheduling more days.

House of Ruth

Google Ad Grant

House of Ruth is the type of client that only comes around in a very long time. Its always a great feeling to have a client that is making a major impact in the community, plus they are just so fun to work with.

When we first began talking we found out that they had a google grant that had been dormant. We optimized the whole campaign to follow googles strict guidelines and also let the community know what amazing services that House of Ruth has.

Google Ad Grant - House of Ruth

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