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We believe that data gives direction while creative brings the story to life.

You can’t have one without the other, and what better way to build a brand than to have everything it needs in one house - Odin Marketing House. 😉

We serve the local business, large company, the start up, the community and the non profit. We create to inspire, express a story and incite sharing and connection. Because that’s what it’s really all about - connection.

Odin marketing house

Why are we called Odin marketing house?

Odin is actually named after our rescued Queensland Heeler, he had only one eye due to an unknown accident, so naturally, we named him Odin. But Odin’s name isn’t the only reason we’re Odin Marketing House, Odin the Norse diety was wise, clever, and was willing to sacrifice his own eye for knowledge. We cant think of a better name for a marketing agency with the same goals!

Growing businesses since 2017

Price Self Storage
Raise Away
Rancho Cucamonga
Mainline Sales Inc
International Indian Wells Arts Festival
Cal Micro Recycling
House of Ruth
Be In Bakersfield

our why?

It’s about connection + community - it’s about heart.

We pride ourselves in connecting with our clients in a deeper, relational way. Going beyond the surface and tapping into the heart of the business owner and their business is the only way to create something worth sharing - and it’s the only way for us to do business. In us connecting with our clients, we help connect them to their clients. Little by little, this connection spreads throughout the community.

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Digital Advertising

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Maximize the effectiveness of your paid media budget through skilled strategy and implementation across pay-per-click, paid search, and paid social media marketing channels.



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Investing in SEO services elevates your brand visibility on search engines, facilitating increased customer attraction.

Digital Marketing

Graphic Design

to level up your branding

Branding is more than beautiful aesthetics - it’s your identity as a business. Our brand development process is thorough, explorative and creative.


Website Design

and development that converts

Building a website is much more than just a page, its your online representation of your business. We design each page to represent who you are, both in design and functionality.

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ODIN [oh-din]

Odin Marketing House is a nod to the Norse god, Odin. Dubbed the god of wisdom & prophecy, the legend goes that he had a thirst for wisdom & insight into life’s mysteries so much that it led him to pluck out his own eye in payment for deeper understanding. We place a high value on information, much like Odin - but not enough to pluck out an eye. 😉

Odin marketing house

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