The Scoop

The Glentzer Group

Working with Katy and John Glentzer was absolutely amazing. They have a real Johnny Cash, country vibe that was a blast to be around as we developed this project. The Glentzer Group is a real estate partnership between Katy and John Glentzer with a combined 20 years of expertise. They display a prominent portfolio in buying and selling some of the finest homes in Bakersfield, CA.

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The Work

We started from scratch with some data and analytics

This project was a total brand overhaul that required a new website, design, market research, SEO, keyword copywriting and coding. Their goal for this rebrand was to modernize and update their existing brand while keeping their gaze on the future for advertising and growth opportunities. In order to do that, we started from scratch with some data and analytics.

Even after this project we still continue to work with Katy and John in managing their website, SEO and providing all of the copywriting for their blog!

Market Research + Data

They wanted the ability to reach an audience both inside and around their hometown

The Glentzer Group is located in Bakersfield, CA, but they wanted the ability to reach an audience both inside and around their hometown. The market research we provided for this campaign spanned the entire United States as we pulled raw data from potential home buyers and sellers. Even though they only sell within California, we pulled market research on the U.S. because we wanted to look at the trends of buyers, sellers and the real estate market as a whole.

We broke out the target audience demographics, audience interests, career industry, purchasing behavior, social network use and more. We created a birds eye view from a national level, and then narrowed down to Kern County and Bakersfield specifically to give them a fine detail view. With the combination of both the national and local level we had all of the information we needed to guide their rebranding.

We gleaned an insane amount of information that told us the specific keywords to use to rope in their target audience, create a relationship and how to best advertise that would save them money in the long run. And of course at the end of it, we created personas to guide them in how to apply this to real people.

Keyword Research + Copywriting + SEO

Increase their discoverability online

Like most industries, the real estate industry is saturated and highly competitive. Our job was to use our resources to give The Glentzer Group a competitive edge that represented who they are. Based on our research, we used highly target keywords to craft new website copy that would increase their discoverability online and aid in trust and connection with their audience.

And of course, our work is never done without implementing best SEO strategies! We set their new website up for success by providing meta tags, descriptions, proper back linking and more.