Strategic Project Management at

Price Self Storage

Enhancing Efficiency, Compliance, and Market Reach

Executive Summary: This case study delves into the project management accomplishments at Price Self Storage, focusing on three critical tasks that led to substantial improvements in operational efficiency, compliance, and market expansion. The successful migration to a new CRM system, integration of Google Advertising's Enhanced Conversions, and implementation of ADA compliance measures were executed flawlessly, despite logistical and technical challenges.

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Client Background

Price Self Storage, a leader in the storage industry, recognized the need to address a key gap in their team's performance, particularly in task management and communication. With the ambition to surpass competitors through technological advancements and operational improvements, they sought a partner capable of managing complex projects to enhance their service quality and market position.

The Work

Addressing the Challenges

CRM Migration and Data Integration:

  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of both the old and new CRM systems to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Maintained open lines of communication with stakeholders across various time zones, ensuring consistent updates.
  • Implemented a detailed risk management plan to mitigate potential data loss or downtime.
  • Carried out data integrity checks to ensure no customer data was compromised.
  • Provided training and support for staff to adapt to the new CRM system.

Enhanced Conversions Implementation:

  • Audited the custom-coded website to accommodate the Enhanced Conversions feature within CCPA regulations.
  • Developed custom coding solutions and established specific databases for data storage.
  • Ensured compliance with CCPA, maintaining consumer privacy and data security.
  • Implemented performance monitoring tools for data-driven optimizations.
  • Achieved rapid deployment within a one-month timeframe to leverage improved targeting capabilities.

ADA Compliance Research and Implementation:

  • Performed an audit to identify non-compliant areas within digital assets.
  • Selected cost-effective tools for compliance without incurring high expenses.
  • Developed a phased implementation plan to address compliance issues methodically.
  • Consulted legal experts to ensure all changes met ADA standards.
  • Raised awareness and provided training on ADA compliance within the team.
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CRM Migration and Data Integration:

  • Achieved a seamless transition to the new CRM system, maintaining uninterrupted customer service.
  • Enhanced data management capabilities led to more personalized customer interactions.
  • Successfully coordinated the migration process across different time zones, ensuring a unified global operation.
  • Empowered employees with the knowledge and tools to utilize the CRM's advanced features effectively.

Enhanced Conversions Implementation:

  • Improved advertising targeting, increasing marketing campaign effectiveness and ROI.
  • Maintained full CCPA compliance, securing customer data and reinforcing trust.
  • The rapid implementation allowed Price Self Storage to quickly benefit from enhanced marketing capabilities.

ADA Compliance Research and Implementation:

  • Expanded accessibility of digital assets, broadening the customer base to include those with disabilities.
  • Ensured legal compliance, safeguarding against potential legal issues and fostering an inclusive environment.
  • Demonstrated cost efficiency in achieving compliance, utilizing effective yet budget-friendly tools.
Financial Gain
Lessons Learned and


The projects at Price Self Storage underscored the importance of meticulous planning, clear communication, and adaptability in managing complex initiatives. The successful CRM migration emphasized the need for thorough preparation and stakeholder engagement. The rapid integration of Enhanced Conversions highlighted the value of technical agility and problem-solving. ADA compliance efforts reaffirmed the significance of prioritizing legal and ethical considerations in project planning. These experiences have laid a strong foundation for future projects, illustrating that strategic planning, collaboration, and a commitment to continuous improvement are key to overcoming challenges and achieving business objectives.