The Scoop

Performance Center For Men

We have the honor to work with Performance Center For Men, they are a men’s clinic focused on hormone balancing and testosterone replacement therapy. This wonderful organization has been helping men restore their natural hormone levels for over 5 years and they really do make a difference, we can attest to it!

That’s right some of us at Odin Marketing House have undergone the treatment at the Rancho Cucamonga Location. 🙂

Louise first came to us with a desire to increase their online presence through SEO, but as time went on this became a much much bigger project. Louise has had the unfortunate situation of meeting multiple scam artists who claim to be able to bring “So many clients that she will not know what to do!” this snake oil salesmanship is a sad but common problem in the marketing community. We may even write a blog to help you spot these scam artist, but thats for a later time. When we started working on Performance Center For Mens website and SEO and discovered that a lot more than SEO needed to happen to draw more patients to their doors.

The Work

Allow visitors to have a meaningful and productive experience

We began to clean up the old website, due to the current code from the previous designer we could change too much of the aesthetics but we could change how users interacted with the site. Throughout this process we found out that the old logo was completely lost, so we were able to recreate the logo for Performance Center For Men.

Our main mission was to create a great foundation so that when the new website visitors came to research PCFM that they would have a meaningful and productive experience. We also began to manage PCFM’s Social Media, Google Adwords account and create new testimonial videos.

As the relationship with Performance Center For Men In Rancho Cucamonga we have taken on the San Diego location as well and even consulting for better business practices.







"Josiah at Odin is one of my new favorite people! He has been so helpful and has the technical knowledge to solve almost everyone of our problems."

— Louise M.
Performance Center For Men