Expanding Global Footprint through Specialized SEO

A Mainline Sales Success Story

Executive Summary: Mainline Sales, a leader in the plumbing, mechanical, and fire protection industries, embarked on a strategic SEO campaign to enhance its global presence. Faced with the challenge of finding a marketing agency that could understand and promote their niche product line, they aimed to increase organic search visibility, drive relevant traffic, and expand into new international markets.

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Client Background

With a vision to leverage SEO for global market penetration, Mainline Sales approached the challenge with a clear understanding of their unique position in the market. Their specialized product line required a marketing partner capable of devising an SEO strategy that would not only highlight their offerings but also align with their ambitious growth targets.

The Work

Addressing the Challenges

SEO Strategy Development: Crafting an effective SEO plan that would spotlight Mainline Sales' unique products and appeal to a global audience was paramount.

Agency Partnership: The need for a marketing agency with a blend of technical SEO skills and specific industry knowledge was identified as crucial for the campaign's success. Overall we increased the brands online presence by 44% in just 2 months and aim to reach top 1 ranking on over 32 relevant keywords by the end of Q3 2024

Industry Analysis + SEO

The Outlined Strategy

In-depth Industry Analysis: Conducted thorough research to understand global industry trends, keywords, and customer search behaviors.

Customized SEO Plan: Developed a tailored SEO strategy focusing on strategic keywords, high-quality content, and website optimization for international audiences.

Agency Selection Criteria: Defined strict criteria for agency selection, emphasizing experience in specialized product lines and a proven track record in similar industries.



The SEO campaign's success manifested through tangible metrics such as escalated website traffic, superior search engine placements for targeted keywords, heightened engagement from international demographics, and measurable enhancements in sales or inquiries.


Lessons Learned

The necessity of deep industry knowledge for effective SEO in specialized sectors.

The importance of localizing content to engage diverse international audiences in a global SEO strategy.

The critical role of choosing the right agency, with both SEO expertise and industry-specific understanding, in the success of targeted campaigns.

A Triumphant


The collaboration between Mainline Sales and the selected marketing agency led to a significant enhancement of Mainline Sales' online visibility and global market presence. The project underscored the importance of specialized SEO strategies and the right agency partnership in achieving expansion goals in niche markets.