The Scoop

Indian Wells Arts Festival

We had a wonderful time creating and managing the 2018 Indian Wells Art Festival social media campaign. The Indian Wells Art Festival is an annual three day event showcasing esteemed artists from around the world. Social media advertising was a new means of advertising for them, and it's something we were excited to provide them with.

The Work

We performed a split test on 3 ads

The client provided the art work for the ads, and we created three ads and performed a split test to determine the ad that would gain the most traction. Each campaign had the exact same budget, target audience and target area. We optimized the campaign measurement to “Event Responses” and used the ads to drive traffic to the event page where potential festival goers could buy tickets and learn more information.

Social Media Advertising + Event Coverage

The ads gained a lot of traction and response

Due to the fact that this is a short term event, the campaign ran a total of a few weeks. The first week was spent on the split test and resulted in one of the three ads being cut due to ill performance. The remaining two ads ran neck and neck in impressions and event responses, so we continued to run both for the remainder of the campaign. As a whole, the ads gained a lot of traction and response and we’re very happy with the campaign results.

In addition to creating and managing the social media campaign, we also provided social media event coverage for the opening day of the event. We had a blast with this piece of the project. On the opening day of the event we attended the art festival and provided live streaming, "story" creation, highlights and provided followers with a behind the scenes view.

Mobile Optimization