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Growing Pains

Growing Pains is a non profit pregnancy & teen parent mentoring program in the Inland Empire. Although they’ve been in service for over 11 years, they had never received any formal branding - not even a logo! We were honored to create and craft the Growing Pains brand and give it the aesthetic touch the organization deserves. We provided web design, logo design, graphic design, on page SEO and brand development!

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The Work

New messaging to accurately represent who they are

The micro goal in developing the Growing Pains brand was to create a consistent, clean and memorable brand aesthetic that represents the incredible organization that is Growing Pains.

We created a cohesive image and message that cut out any and all brand confusion and allows the organization to move forward confidently with vision for growth. We did with a clean and modern website and logo design complete with new messaging to accurately represent who they are.

Design + Print Collateral

Brand Words

In developing a clean and consistent brand image that accurately represents the organization, the macro goal was in two parts: increase the amount of families serviced and supported by Growing Pains, and increase funding through both grants and private donors.

We built a brand that the organization can grow into, a brand that carries the weight of the services it offers and the reputation the team has worked so hard for.

Compassion is what began Growing Pains, and what has sustained it for nearly a decade. Genuine empathy is extended to every single mother and father when they encounter staff, and it is the very basis of the organization.

The very values of Growing Pains are rooted, solid and unwavering in the vision to support and love young individuals that are in need of help.

This organization is not only supportive of young families through verbal encouragement, but it also encourages young families through practical tools and teachings that alter the course of their life for the better.

About Growing Pains

Birthed out of a need for unconditional love, understanding and support.

The seed that planted Growing Pains was witnessing the struggles of young parents as they received little family support and were forced to give up their education.

This seed is what began the pilot program eleven years ago, March 2008, and what has continued to grow and serve an increasing number of families. What began in high schools and continuation schools, has grown into small groups and long standing relationships with continued support for those that desire it.

The rooted values of love, compassion and encouragement are not only what began Growing Pains, but are also what have sustained it. The dedication to valuing life and loving each individual that interacts with the organization is what sets them apart. They meet people where they’re at without an agenda, and walk with them for as long as they’d like. These are still the values they hold today.

Growing Pains is changing the very culture of a family through empowering young mothers and fathers to create healthy environments for their children and to set a good example by finishing school and continuing to improve the quality of their lives.