Digital Transformation at

Cal Micro Recycling:

Enhancing Online Presence and Lead Generation

Executive Summary: Cal Micro Recycling, a front-runner in the electronics recycling and waste management sector, initiated a strategic project aimed at expanding its digital footprint and market reach. The endeavor addressed two primary challenges: transitioning their website to a new, dynamic platform and amplifying lead generation through optimized Google Ads campaigns. A pivotal element of this initiative was the enhancement of communication channels to better meet client needs and project demands.

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Client Background

Cal Micro Recycling recognized the need to rejuvenate their online presence and marketing approach due to the constraints of their former website and digital marketing strategies, managed by a previous agency. The goals were clear: to execute a seamless website migration preserving SEO value, to increase qualified leads via refined Google Ads strategies with a focus on competitor targeting, and to establish more effective and transparent communication methods.

The Work

Addressing the Challenges

The challenges were diverse, necessitating a multifaceted strategy.

Website Migration: Ensuring a smooth transition with minimal downtime, retaining existing SEO value.

Lead Generation: Refining the Google Ads approach to better target potential clients, leveraging competitor analysis to boost campaign efficacy.

Communication: Enhancing the quality and frequency of communication to keep all stakeholders informed and aligned throughout the project.

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Website Migration + Analysis + Communication Protocols

The Outlined Strategy

Website Migration Plan: A thorough migration plan was developed, including SEO audits, content inventories, and redirection strategies to guarantee a seamless shift.

Competitor Analysis and Targeting: In-depth competitor research was conducted to inform and refine Google Ads strategies, aiming to capture market share from principal competitors.

Enhanced Communication Protocols: Structured communication schedules were implemented, alongside the use of project management tools for greater transparency, and the establishment of clear contact points for swift issue resolution.

Business Solutions


The website migration was executed flawlessly, maintaining SEO integrity and user experience.

The Google Ads strategy, enhanced by competitor targeting, led to a significant increase in both the quality and quantity of leads.

Improved communication protocols ensured efficient and transparent progression towards project milestones.


Lessons Learned

The importance of detailed planning in website migration to avoid common pitfalls and preserve SEO rankings.

The effectiveness of data-driven marketing, particularly the use of competitor insights in Google Ads campaigns, in generating targeted leads and enhancing ROI.

The critical role of clear and responsive communication in maintaining project alignment and addressing challenges promptly.

A Triumphant


The partnership with Cal Micro Recycling culminated in a triumphant website migration and a more effective lead generation strategy, setting a new standard in their digital marketing endeavors. The project not only bolstered Cal Micro Recycling's position in the electronics recycling industry but also highlighted the significance of strategic planning, targeted marketing, and robust communication in realizing digital transformation objectives.