The Scoop

Be In Bakersfield

This project has a special place in our hearts, as it's my hometown and where I grew up. When we were offered the chance to help with a piece of the puzzle, we gladly said yes.

Be In Bakersfield is a grassroots non profit that is on a mission to change the perception of Bakersfield and highlight the ingenuity, entrepreneurial and creative class. This campaign is built around storytelling, conversation and ultimately connecting hearts. It doesn't take much to get behind a campaign like that!

The market research we provided for this campaign was one of the biggest undertakings we've done. The goal for this campaign was and is to pull in and attract the creative and entrepreneurial class into the city. In order to do that, we had to know who to look for. We pulled research based on these criteria: Potential Movers and Better Job Seekers.

We pulled research on the entire United States and then narrowed it down to the span of the West states. The client needed to know how to reach their target audience, how to advertise to them, what their preferences and interests are, their age, education level and overall how to engage with them.

The Work

People come from all over, and we needed to narrow it down.

Market Research + Data

The research was categorized into two areas:

Birds Eye View and West Coast. For each section we translated the data into language that provided a clear strategy and prioritized what was most important. For each section we broke out the target audience demographics, audience interests, career industry, purchasing behavior, social network use and more. We also provided advertising insights and strategy.

Once the research was translated, we created four personas that would help the client connect with their audience, put a name and face to who they're pursuing and what that would look like.

Keyword Research + Copywriting + SEO

Story telling at another level

Let's just be honest, Bakersfield has some bad press. To ignore it would be to ignore the elephant in the room. So instead, this campaign is facing it head on. We dug through the keyword research and found the highest searched keywords and search terms that copy could be written around. This campaign is directly addressing the problems of the city, and making a direct and strategic effort to correct it.

The storytelling aspect of this campaign really grabs our heart strings. They're sharing stories of real people in their community, and they're doing it in a beautifully artistic way. It's definitely worth a look.

This level of storytelling creates a lot of copy, which definitely helps the SEO for this campaign. We took those keywords and interwove them into the stories with the purpose of highlighting the positive in Bakersfield and making it more discoverable. We also took the newly designed website and implemented SEO best practices to give the site the best chance of moving up in rank.