The Scoop

Bakersfield Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Matt and Jill Baker are the owners of Bakersfield Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and founders of the TRUJITSU revolution. This dynamic duo has crafted and developed a strong brand from the ground up.

So why would they need us if they already had a great brand? They sought our help because they knew their Google Adwords could be better.

They needed someone who could optimize their digital advertising and increase results. So they handed it over to Odin Marketing House.

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The Work

Optimize for better results and increased revenue

We got to work with one goal: Optimize for better results and increased revenue. Matt and Jill gave us complete creative control over their website and Adwords. We freed up their time and they stepped back and began focusing on other areas of their business.

“I have always seen the importance of advertising, however technology has made the task of marketing very challenging and the cost kept escalating for us due to all the dynamics of internet marketing.
We were about to give up and throw in the towel out of frustration. Fortunately we ran into Odin Marketing House and that’s when the problems went away.
They’ve done an amazing job at helping us get the most out of our advertising budget and they have developed an amazing strategy for us that has produced twice the results as before!”

— Matt Baker

Google Adwords + SEO + Keyword Copywriting + T.V.

We started by optimizing BBJJ

We started by optimizing the BBJJ (Bakersfield Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) website. We got in there and did a SEO overhaul correcting issues and writing fresh keyword copywriting. We delved into Google Adwords and set up Google Analytics, connecting it to the website. We created goals for the website and click to call campaigns.

We continue to manage the BBJJ Adwords and website, optimizing daily for the best results. In addition to taking over Adwords and analytics, we also began handling cable T.V. ads at their request.

Digital Marketing