Rugg’s Construction is a family owned and operated solar and construction business in the Inland Empire. Their family first opened up a lumber yard in Upland, Ca in 1929. Since then they’ve kept it in the family, growing and improving with each generation.

Compared to construction, their solar service is “relatively” new, and even then Rugg’s Construction has been in the solar industry for over 13 years.

We began working with them when it became clear that they needed to give their solar services more stage time. In sunny California, solar is a good business to be in. They decided to launch an ad campaign around their solar services, and to do that they needed a landing page.

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Before we began work on their advertising campaign, we got to work on their landing page. The goal was to highlight their generations of experience, their commitment to the local area, expertise and down to earth nature.

*The pages we designed are the solar pages.

Their point of difference in competing with larger competitors is that big companies come and go, leaving local customers high and dry. Rugg’s Construction is a local, family company with a moral compass that always points north. They’ve been in the Upland area and Inland Empire for generations, and they aren’t going anywhere.

There’s no need to compete when your very ethos is based in a hometown feel.



In designing the landing page we chose to stick with industry specific colors that would feel familiar to visitors, while utilizing the messaging to define their point of difference.

Because the overall goal was to use this landing page to advertise, we focused on breaking down their services into bite size chunks, communicating in clear language and giving the layout room to breathe so the eye would flow naturally from one piece of information to another.

All of our websites and landing pages here at Odin Marketing House come with basic SEO set up. We always make sure we’re giving our clients a leg up in their ranking.


Generational, Local, Committed, Rooted

Rugg's Construction


Because the solar industry is incredibly saturated, we had to be extremely strategic in how we handled their Adwords account. In order to make their budget stretch, we first became extremely niche in the geographical areas the ads would be served in.

They have a large service area in the Inland Empire, so in order to narrow down where we should target their ads, we performed market research to find the highest revenue opportunities and correlated it with surrounding cities.

Then we heavily utilized negative modifiers to ensure that there wouldn’t be any wasted clicks from irrelevant searches. Brand keywords are a waste of money to bid on anyway, and we especially didn’t want our client’s to waste money on irrelevant searches and clicks.

View Rugg’s Construction website here.