The Scoop

Millennia MMA

Betiss and Romie are the founders of Mellennia MMA, a revered and reputable MMA gym with multiple locations in the Inland Empire. They had already spent years building their brand and reputation before we met them. With our background in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, working with them became the perfect fit as we assumed the role of their marketing and advertising agency and began managing their Google Adwords and analytics account.

After almost a year of managing their advertising, we designed a fresh website for them.

The Work

Adwords and Jiu Jitsu

Betiss, one of the founders and head coaches, had been managing their advertising himself but with all of the responsibilities of the gym, he wanted to hand it off to someone he could trust that knew both Adwords, and Jiu Jitsu. We took the job off his hands and freed up his time to focus on coaching, traveling for fights and managing other areas of the gym.

Google Adwords + Google Analytics

We increased their quality score and reduced their bid rate

Birds Eye View and West Coast. For each section we translated the data into language that provided a clear strategy and prioritized what was most important. For each section we broke out the target audience demographics, audience interests, career industry, purchasing behavior, social network use and more. We also provided advertising insights and strategy.

Once the research was translated, we created four personas that would help the client connect with their audience, put a name and face to who they're pursuing and what that would look like.

Website Design

We had to get creative in how we designed and organized the layout

This was a fun website to design as their industry is action packed with explosive movement. We wanted to convey this movement and action on the site and we used photos to do that as well as a homepage header video showing live training. In addition to videos and photos, we tuned up their website messaging so that it would perform at a higher caliber and produce great organic SEO results.

This website has a lot of content on it, and we had to get creative in how we designed and organized the layout. Each fighter, service and call to action needed a spot to call their own on the site, without interrupting the other. We designed a layout that would leave space so as not to overwhelm the site visitor, but also include enough information to give the visitor a taste of what Millennia MMA is all about.