The Consolidation Advisors team helps graduates and past students navigate their student loans and find breathing room within their finances. We were happy to create a website that would be both informational and inspire trust with their target audience.



This project was a big undertaking and a challenge that we thoroughly enjoyed. They came to us with a need for a new website, copywriting, SEO, branding and online advertising consultation. Basically, they needed a whole new online presence in addition to Google Adwords.

Consolidation Advisors.png


We built the website from the ground up implementing best SEO practices to get them started off on the right foot. We wrote copy for their website that catered to both their target audience and search engine keywords to help their organic ranking, and then we topped the website off with a fresh logo that communicated their financial expertise with an approachable feel. 

Their desire for this website was to create an information source for those with student loans, and help them make rhyme and reason of their situation. We gave them an approachable, friendly feel, while still maintaining professionalism. We designed the logo around these brand intentions. We wanted something solid and sure, yet clear and open. 

To top the project off, we consulted them for online advertising and the best options available to them and how to increase their revenue using digital advertising.


Financial Logo Design
New Logo Design

New Logo Design